Free-Mobility in Computer Science Engineering

We want to offer a different track compared to the traditional Multiple Degree opportunities but a real Joint Degree is difficult to activate considering the different local regulations.

A new  idea is to offer all enrolled students the opportunity to select specific free-semester-mobility tracks at CentraleSupelec, Politecnico di Milano and Tu-Berlin in order to experience up to 3 countries  in the «core» of Europe.

The main idea of free mobility courses in Computer Science Engineering is represented in the following figure:

MGM Free Mobility

  •  Ideally students might study in 3 different countries , according to university constraints – i.e. minimum number of credits to award its own degree;
  • All semester study plans are pre-determined and students can choose them at the «last minute», following the concept of a real European Campus;
  • Graduates will receive their Master Degree from their Home Institution plus a Joint Programme Certificate with the 3 logos and the signature of the 3 Rectors , printed by the Home University according to a standard format;
  • Collaborative projects/Master theses will be offered.

For more detailed information, please download the specific leaflet.