CentraleSupelec logo_RGBCentraleSupélec has recently been formed through the merger of two prestigious and well-established engineering schools in France, Ecole Centrale Paris and Supélec. Today, it comprises 4 campuses (Paris area, Brittany and Lorraine regions), 5000 outstanding students  -30% are International-, 1000 staff and 30000 Alumni. Its main campus located 30km south of Paris is part of Paris Saclay University which is to become one of the 10 largest and prominent universities in the world. This scientific and business-study campus has brought together 19 of France’s elite institutions. CentraleSupélec will play a leading role in this new high-tech and business knowledge hub. CentraleSupélec, through its research and teaching, trains and educates tomorrow’s leaders the businesses require in a complex and competitive environment. It provides its students a combination of rigorous academic study and intellectual stimulation as well as highly valuable exchanges with students from its university networks of 200 partners ( T.I.M.E., A4T, Erasmus +, Campus France…) around the world. Thriving for excellence, CentraleSupélec, is becoming a reference in the field of engineering and systems science as well as managerial research including innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership (e.g. 16 research departments, 4 international labs and strong links with over 125 industrial partners.)

We encourage you to explore our websites ( www.supelec.fr<http://www.supelec.fr>, www.ecp.fr<http://www.ecp.fr>, www.centraleSupelec.fr<http://www.centraleSupelec.fr>) so you can find out more about what we do.


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