A4TECH Winter School on Ethics of Technology

The Study unit META – Social sciences and humanities for science and technology, at Politecnico di Milano (www.meta.polimi.it) organized the A4T Winter School on Ethics of Technology in Lecco to bring together students enrolled in the A4Tech partner universities.

Students have an excellent technical and scientific preparation. However, they are not always fully aware that the decision to develop technologies and the processes of their design, management, control and production are inherently morally laden and involve societal impacts.

This Winter School aims to fill this gap by providing an updated overview of cases, frameworks, approaches and methodologies grounded in ethical theories. Lectures and exercises will address the societal impact of technology, risk issues, and the related responsibility of engineers and designers.

The Winter School lasts 3 days and will take place at Politecnico di Milano, Lecco Campus, on 21-23 November 2019.

For more detailed information, please download the specific leaflet.