Manual for the use of integrated e-learning toolbox

The pedagogical framework and the integrated e-learning platform are complemented by training material for the specific use of the toolbox in an international collaborative project. It is a practice guide primarily for university teachers, but also for non-academic staff interested in implementing courses based on the framework with a particular focus on the serious game. The material is targeted at industrial and management engineering education, but can also be used in any other university context.

The manual will help you to:

  • incorporate MOOCs, serious games and forum-based online learning communities into your course in a blended learning setting;
  • identify the challenges that emerged in the wake of the pandemic;
  • discover the guidelines to integrate a serious game within a course and the features of ProTUce;
  • explore the redesign of a sample course through the INSYSTED pedagogical framework;
  • apply the instructions on how to use the ProTUce serious game;
  • get more inspiration from another example of serious game integration (DAC – Detectives for Accident Courses).

The Manual is available in a public repository under:

You can also download the Manual as a pdf file here: