Corporate relations

A key asset of the Alliance4Tech is the set of corporate relations of each partner. Most of these companies have subsidiaries and plants in different European countries and outside Europe.

Therefore, the Alliance4Tech aims at developing the following actions:

  1. Joint corporate partnerships;
  2. Working together with companies in students activities (in-company projects, internships, professional orientation, recruitment, …);
  3. International co-chairs funded by partner companies;
  4. International executive programmes;
  5. Collaboration on entrepreneurship and international start-up incubators.

In order to boost career service international platforms, the Alliance4Tech partner Universities plan to join their already existing resources (Career Service, internship and placement activities) in order to provide their student population with:

  • Internship offers coming from companies willing to attract not only local students and published in a specific Alliance4Tech section in each partner career service website;
  • Career days, events, and interview opportunities potentially offered to all students in the 4 campuses in order to allow students access to a variety of companies and corporate partners to address an extremely wide and heterogeneous student population.

Some specific activities will be designed with the contribution and the participation of corporate partners and they will be specifically addressed to the Alliance4Tech students population in order to foster their professional development and their soft skills .

In particular, students will be offered:

  • Ad hoc seminars on teamwork, action, innovation, communication, personal awareness, personal and professional development
  • Multidisciplinary projects
  • Calls for ideas

If you are interested in working with Alliance4Tech, please contact the Alliance4Tech Coordinator: