Are you SERIOUS?! – Second Student LTT takes place

The second student Learning, Teaching and Training Activity event aimed to have students learn as they play. Having developed a serious game in the context of the INSYSTED project, students from four universities across Europe gathered in the first week of May to compete in a game where knowledge in operations research is not only useful but necessary. With an introductory session, a Q&A session, as well as a manual to the game and preparatory material to study, the students got familiarized with the game. Afterwards they were split in international groups and played multiple instances of the game with increasing difficulty. The experience was light, and the vast majority gave a positive feedback towards such a dynamic learning experience as well as expressed an excitement to have such tools incorporated in their regular courses. Constructive criticism was offered vocally and in the evaluation survey that was filled out by the participants: the main benefit of the experience being the fact that it is dynamic, played in groups and close to real-world practices. The criticism that stood out was the fact that game instances are monotonous (each game instance requires one strategy). Other valuable criticism was to do with the interface of the game which is already being taken into consideration by the game developers and will lead to further improvements.