Student Mobility in Architecture

Our goal is to offer a different track compared to the traditional Multiple Degree opportunities. As a real Joint Degree is difficult to be developed due to the different local regulations, a new  idea is to offer all enrolled students the opportunity to select specific free-semester-mobility tracks at Politecnico di Milano, Technische Univerität Berlin and Universidad Politécnica Madrid in order to experience up to 3 countries in the «core» of Europe.

  • Ideally students might study in 3 different countries, in accordance with university constraints – i.e. minimum number of credits to award the home university’s degree;
  • All available course lists at the partner institutions are pre-determined and students can choose their subjects at the «last minute», following the concept of a real European Campus;
  • Graduates will receive their Master Degree from their Home Institution plus a Joint Programme Certificate with the 4 logos and the signature of the President of A4Tech, printed by the Home University according to a standard format;
  • Collaborative projects/Master theses will be offered

General information MIE

• Students enrolled in any of the partner universities are entitled to take up to 60 credits (ECTS) from the other two institutions.

• The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of ten students per year from each university within already existing standard Erasmus agreements.

• Students are encouraged to have Master thesis supervisors from two universities. The thesis has to be written in English and has to follow the examination regulations of the home university.

• The “Alliance4Tech Certificate” shall be awarded to students selected for the A4T mobility programme who fulfil the following requirements:

• They have spent a visiting period abroad in 2 partner institutions of the A4Tech programme;

• They have obtained at least 30 ECTS abroad;

• They have obtained at least 10 ECTS in each visited institution abroad.

Course lists Architecture

Please find the courses for the A4Tech student mobility for MIE students here.

Contacts Architecture


Prof. Marco Bovati

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

TU Berlin:

Prof. Jörg Gleiter

Faculty VI Planning Building Environment



Prof. Manuel Blanco

School of Architecture