Learning, Teaching, Training Activities for students

The first student LTT was conducted virtually in September 2021. The 117 participants of the 28 teams were mainly students from an introductory course in operations management which took place at Technische Universität Berlin in summer 2021 and from a course which had just started at CentraleSupelec. At TUB, the students were asked to build teams and play three levels with rising difficulty on September 24 in the morning. Afterwards, they were asked to answer a quiz and give feedback in an evaluation questionnaire. Based on their quiz scores, they were able to gain bonus points for their exam. The introductory sessions and the previous lecture sessions were also available online for the students to refresh their memories. The student groups had separate breakout rooms to discuss their strategy and to make decisions, and could use the chat to discuss with the other teams. We started with an introduction to the game and the web interface and gave the students some tips and tricks on how to improve their teamwork. This session was recorded and provided to the students. In the game session on September 24, the students were split into three gaming groups and in each group were competing against the other teams to lead their factory into success. After each level, we conducted a small session where the student teams were able to discuss and share their solution approaches. The levels increased in difficulty, so all teams were able to learn how the overall setup works and adapt their lessons learned in the next level. The final level was used to generate winners of the three game groups and an overall winner. These three teams received a small price and gained some guaranteed bonus points as part of their course work. Overall, the game was very well received and the students playing seemed to have loads of fun and were very thankful for the experience!

We also evaluated the student experience. A total of 53 participants interacted with an anonymous evaluation survey, designed on Qualtrics by the UCL team, from September 23 to October 1. However, only 28 answered all or some of the questions in the survey. The survey comprised closed, open and Likert-scale type of questions, and was organized in three main sections: what participants liked about the game, what participants think could be improved, and how they worked as a team. A report was produced and shared with all partners.