What we do

The Alliance4Tech Partner Universities are working on enhancing and developing the following initiatives for their prospective and respective students:

  • Free-mobility / Full flexibility to switch from one city to another every semester , as long as there is former official approval of both the home and host institutions
  • Semester/ year – exchange opportunities
  • Multi-site double/joint degree programmes
  • Practical activities and new pedagogical approaches
  • Internship opportunities in companies
  • Seasonal Schools in scientific fields and/or soft skills and employability and/or any fields of common interest
  • An intercultural and geographically diverse environment with students coming from within Europe and outside Europe alike

The main idea of free mobility courses is represented in the following figure:

The scheme is based on the idea to offer to all enrolled students the opportunity to select a specific exchange track that allows them to experience 3 to 4 European institutions and countries within the Alliance4Tech. In particular:

  • Students may study in 3 to 4 different countries (according to university constraints – i.e. minimum number of credits to award its own degree);
  • All semester study plans are pre-determined . This concept would allow the Alliance4Tech to develop a real European Campus;
  • Collaborative projects/Master thesis.
  • At the end of their studies, Graduates will receive their regular Diploma from their Home University plus a A4Tech Certificate with the logos of the Alliance4Tech partner institutions and the signature of the President of Alliance4Tech.

What we have established so far:

Free mobility agreements in the areas of Management and Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering and Architecture;

A Strategic Partnership proposal in Mechanical Engineering, involving TU Berlin, Politecnico di Milano and other universities, was submitted and successfully approved by the EU Commission within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ program in 2015;

A PhD summer school in “Vulnerability and Risk Management” involving CentraleSupelec, Politecnico di Milano and other universities. The first 2 summer schools took place in September 2014 in Milano and in September 2015 in Paris;

A Double Master Programme in Industrial Engineering involving CentraleSupelec and TU Berlin;

Summer/winter schools for Master students in topics relevant to the students academic background;

A Strategic Partnership in Management and Industrial Engineering titled “INSYSTED – Integrated System for European Digital Learning“, involving all four partner universities was submitted and successfully approved by the EU Commission within the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ program in 2019 and completed in 2022.