INSYSTED Objectives

Available technologies and online educative environments can effectively support internationalization processes in higher education involving larger groups of students and, potentially, also those students that do ‘not have the means or the inclination to study abroad’. An integrated approach in the use of various digital tools and technologies together with different teaching and learning methodologies can support the development of new strategies in mobility programmes, allowing also those students not inclined to go abroad to take advantage of international universities networks. The idea of the INSYSTED project is to experiment a new, integrated model of serious games, MOOCs and Learning Communities with the objective to offer a tool with a high grade of modularity and integration in pre-existing ecosystems.

The INSYSTED project addresses the needs of various target groups on multiple levels. It aims to enhance the quality of education and teaching in the Production and Operational Management/Industrial Engineering area in a European context through the creation of an innovative, integrated and replicable digital and non-digital learning environment; enhance the skills and competences of professors and students in the usage of complex digital learning tools and their ability to interact digitally with peers and professionals in the learning community; support the development of a skill-set able to respond to the needs of graduates that prepare for an integrated, increasingly complex European labour market. The cooperation with industry partners that accompany the development of the integrated digital learning model will ensure that the learning outcomes and acquired skills fit the needs of the industry. The project also foresees a deeper cooperation at European level in the co-creation of high quality digital contents and tools through a better synergy among academic staff, e-learning services and International Relations Offices.