Pedagogical innovation for engineers – INSYSTED presented at the JIP2022 conference in Paris

The Pedagogical Initiatives Day (Journée Initiatives Pédagogiques, JIP), which is the annual meeting for the pedagogical community of the University of Paris-Saclay hosted this year on the 20th April also a presentation of the INSYSTED team of CentraleSupélec.

JIP contributes to the promotion and dissemination of teaching practices, and constitutes a convivial space for exchanges and inter-institutional reflections on teaching practices. The event is aimed at the community concerned by pedagogy: teachers and researchers of all disciplines, engineers and pedagogical advisors, training managers, doctoral students, etc. Following this time of discovery, reflection and meetings with colleagues, everyone can enrich his or her teaching practice and leave with new ideas.

INSYSTED received a booth in the “Educational village” (Village Pédagogique) of the event in the afternoon, which is a lively and interactive forum for meetings and exchanges about educational initiatives. Our colleague Jocelyn Fiorina presented the project and its achievements to interested participants from different institutions across Paris and France.