INSYSTED – Integrated System for European Digital Learning

INSYSTED – Integrated System for European Digital Learning is a new Key Action 2 Erasmus+ project of the Alliance4Tech partner universities (Project number: 2019-1-DE01-KA203-005038), which seeks to promote virtual mobility and digital learning in the Industrial Engineering and Production and Operational Management degree programs.  For the last four years, students of the four universities within A4Tech have enjoyed the option of studying at any or all of the universities as part of their two-year master’s program. Not all students, however, are able to finance a semester abroad or wish to do one. Even for those who do, a semester abroad is often just too short a time period to really consolidate newly established networks. To offer as many students as possible the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of the A4Tech network and to study without borders, the partner universities have decided to launch the INSYSTED – Integrated System for European Digital Learning project. At the heart of the project is the development of a digital learning platform. The overriding aim here is to enable teachers and students to work more effectively with intricate digital learning tools and to strengthen the digital interaction among students, colleagues and specialists in an online learning community. Additionally, the project seeks to support the acquisition of “global skills”, which are essential for an ever more complex European labour market. What makes the platform so special is its use of an integrated educational and hands-on approach. As an example of this, the INSYSTED project experiments – initially drawing on the example of a virtual learning factory – with a model, which combines the specific strengths of online serious games, MOOCs and learning communities. The highly modular nature of the platform allows it to be adapted and extended as required, while standard interfaces ensure that it can be implemented into existing learning systems. The platform and the digital learning tools will be tried out during the course of the project by teachers and students from all four universities and will also be made available to other European universities. This three-year project (2019-2022) is one of 29 approved by the German Erasmus+ National Agency as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships 2019 funding instrument. The project partners are the four A4Tech universities and several commercial and industrial organizations are involved as associated partners.