The Alliance4Tech Partner Universities will enhance and develop the following initiatives for their prospective and respective students:

  • Free-mobility / Full flexibility to switch from one city to another every semester , as long as there is former official approval of both the home and host Institutions
  • Semester/ year – exchange opportunities
  • Multi-site double/joint degree programmes
  • Practical activities and new pedagogical approaches
  • Internship opportunities in companies
  • Seasonal Schools in scientific fields and/or soft skills and employability and/or any fields of common interest
  • A Multi culturally and geographically diverse environment with students coming from within Europe and outside Europe alike

The main idea of free mobility courses is represented in the following figure:

The scheme is based on the idea to offer to all enrolled students the opportunity to select a specific free-semester-mobility track that allows them to experience 3 to 4 European institutions and countries within the Alliance4Tech. In particular:

  • Students may study in 3 to 4 different countries (according to university constraints – i.e. minimum number of credits to award its own degree);
  • All semester study plans are pre-determined . This concept would allow the Alliance4Tech to develop a real European Campus;
  • Collaborative projects/Master thesis

Tuition fees for this kind of experience might be higher than regular fees.

A the end of their studies, Graduates will receive their regular Diploma from their Home University plus a Joint Programme Certificate with the logos of the Alliance4Tech partner institutions and the signature of their four Rectors.