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Preliminary evaluation results of pilot game

In summer 2021, a prototype of the ProTUce serious game was tested at the ESCP Business School (campus Berlin) in two introductory Business Analytics classes with about 40 students each. In winter 2020/21, the game was also tested at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (HWR Berlin) in an introductory Operations Management (OM) class […]

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Second INSYSTED transnational partner meeting – Online instead of in London

Our second partner meeting was planned to take place in June in London, hosted by our colleagues at University College London. As every event at the time, our meeting also had to be cancelled due to the Covid19 situation and the travel restrictions. We had some doubts whether such a long meeting could be organized and carried out effectively virtually, but by the end of June we all had plenty of practice behind us and were prepared for the concentrated work in plenary and group sessions in online meeting and breakout rooms.

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First transnational meeting in Berlin

The INSYSTED partnership held its Kick-off meeting on the 12-13th November 2019 at the Berlin University of Technology. During the two-day meeting the partners agreed on the implementation structures of the project and discussed the first steps of working together on the project outputs, concentrating on the outputs “3 pillars’ Integrated Pedagogical framework” and “Design […]

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