In terms of Research, the Alliance4Tech plans to develop the following initiatives:

  • Joint doctoral studies ending with a joint/double degree;
  • Integrated Master-Doctorate programmes;
  • Multi-site research programmes and research meetings;
  • Post-doctoral opportunities;
  • Faculty exchanges, mobility and/or dual-appointments;
  • Seasonal Research Conferences, Seminars and Doctoral Workshops.


The main goal of the Alliance4Tech collaboration at the PhD level is to foster PhD activities and students exchange among the Partner Universities, particularly the opportunity of co-tutored PhD research projects and joint PhD courses on:

  • Research Methodology subjects
  • Content specific subjects (e.g. «Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience of Complex Systems” already in place)
  • Employability and soft skills


Mobility at the PhD level will be based on the following scheme:




All PhD students will be offered the opportunity to select a specific host university among the Alliance4Tech partners for their exchange period abroad, and the opportunity to attend subject courses in the four different PhD Schools of the Alliance along their overall PhD Program. This means that:

  • PhD candidates may study for their PhD in 2 different countries and take different courses on specific subjects in 4 different countries
  • All joint PhD courses are pre-determined and students can find them directly in their possible choices. This concept would allow the Alliance4Tech to develop a real European Campus.

Graduates will receive their Co-tutored Diploma from their Home University plus a Joint Programme Certificate with the logos of the Alliance4Tech partner institutions.

Corporate partners shall be incorporated in the program.